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Dual Career

Two Careers – One Partnership

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Dual careers play a crucial role in the recruitment of excellent researchers. Dual Career Couples is a term coined for couples where both partners have enjoyed a very good education, share the same career-focused mindset, and pursue individual careers. Consequently, if one partner changes their workplace and place or residence, the question of the other partner’s career outlook, as well as of the reconciliation of work and family life, must be addressed.
Quote end Dual Career programmes are increasingly gaining in importance as academic institutions strive to gain an edge in the competition for the best minds in their fields. Only by overcoming pork barrel politics, we will succeed with joint forces in promoting UA Ruhr as a leading research hub.
Frau Prof. Dr. Havenith-Newen
Speaker and Coordinator of the RESOLV Cluster of Excellence
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
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