The “Pott” – At Home in the Heart of Europe

The Ruhr’s pulse: in the old days, it used to beat in time with coal and steel; now, it has been increasingly falling in with the rhythm of education and science. Knowledge is probably the most important raw material in the region, which boasts one of the highest densities of higher education institutions in Europe. Transforming knowledge into added value and fostering mutually beneficial exchange between economy and science are the challenges currently faced by the region. The Ruhr area’s 53 cities and municipalities are home to more than 5 million people from over 150 nations. From A like A 40 – the Ruhr’s “main traffic artery” – to Z like Zeche Zollverein – UNESCO World Heritage Site and “most beautiful mine in the world” – the region offers countless cultural and leisure activities, urban destinations, and green oases.
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